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The Rock Art Trail is an interesting journey that takes you deep into the history of rock art and inscriptions for about 1500 km walking between more than 10 points of rock art and various inscriptions, dating back to different historical eras. Rock art, touch table and rock carving experience.

Visitors can book the rock art path at night and see it from different angles using torches to light an immersive experience inspired by ancient life at night and discover more details in the carvings.

The Rock Art Trail in AlUla is a journey of walking and storytelling, extending over 1.6 kilometers and adorned with carved inscriptions and fossils on the slopes of the mountains around it in an enchanting palette of picturesque landscapes. These glimpses of AlUla’s timeless past tell a variety of topics in several languages, deciphered by a narrator who will accompany you on this unique journey through time.

To follow the rock arts trail in AlUla, you can depart from the Winter Park using air-conditioned buses (be sure to arrive 40 minutes before your tour starts as the route takes this long). The bus will take you to the Hegra archaeological site.

Upon reaching the Al-Hijr site, the bus that will take you will stop for a short time at the Al-Hijr Visitor Center, where you will be greeted by a narrator who will give you a short briefing.

Your experience does not end with the end of the path. On your return trip, you will stop at a lookout point from which you can get unique views of the area. Enjoy those unforgettable moments and take selfies against the backdrop of the dazzling landscapes of Al Hajr.

After this short break, the bus will return to the Winter Park via the Hajar Visitor Center, which is the perfect opportunity for you to explore more of the Hegra archaeological site.

Advice for travelers:

Make the most of your time in quarantine

If you have time for a full day of fun, book two tickets for two unique experiences available at the Hegra site: the Hegra Tour and the AlUla Rock Art Trail Tour. On the day of booking, you can take the visitor center as your starting point instead of heading back to the winter park between the two experiences