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Your trip to Dadan and Mount Ikma starts from the winter park. When you arrive at the Winter Park, you can park your car in the free parking space near the entrance. Upon arrival, one of our staff will welcome you and direct you to the location of buses to the locations. Please be at the Winter Park (conservatory) for the bus ride 25 minutes before the time on your ticket.


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Explore the ruins of the ancient kingdom of Dadan, one of the most developed cities of the first millennium BC on the Arabian Peninsula. Dadan was the capital of the Dadanian kingdom and then the Lihyanite kingdoms, and one of the most important centers of caravan trade. Head east to see over a dozen burials cut from the red rock faces, including the famous lion carvings that mark the burials of roosting lions.

Archaeologists continue to discover exciting information about Dadan – it is still a living excavation site.


You can go to Jebel Ikma to see hundreds of inscriptions and inscriptions on the cliffs and rock faces that date mainly from the Dadanian and Lihyanian periods.